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First Periodic Report (17 August 2019 to 1 October 2019)

Our first periodic report covers the period 17 August 2019 and 1 October 2019, inclusive (“Report“).

This Report has been prepared by HKNLOG for the sole purpose of:

(a)  reporting on observations we have made and other topical issues relating to or arising from public gatherings and related activities in Hong Kong during the report period;

(b)  providing a summary of relevant Court cases handed down during the report period; and

(c)  raising awareness of key legal issues relevant to public gatherings and potential concerns that we believe warrant further focus by the Government, Police, Participants, and members of the general public, in connection with (a) and (b) above.

The Report is not exhaustive and must not be relied upon as legal or professional advice of any kind.  The issues it raises are complex and the specific incidents it refers to must ultimately be adjudicated pursuant to judicial and/or administrative procedures.  Hong Kong law also recognises certain defences to conduct we have identified, but which we do not explore in full.  Furthermore, actions such as incitement and conspiracy can also result in criminal consequences, and various private causes of action may apply to the conduct we have described.  As always, the facts and circumstances would need to be taken into account.

This Report is prepared in the public interest and is published independently by HKNLOG.  Copyright is asserted by HKNLOG.  All other rights are expressly reserved.  Without limitation, we ask that there be no reference to this Report that misrepresents its contents, or HKNLOG generally. All inquiries about this report can be submitted via this website.

Finally, we thank all our volunteers and peers who have written, reviewed and contributed many hours to this report. Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure that everything in this Report is factually accurate to the best of our abilities, we do not accept any liability for errors or matters that involved additional context.  Readers must exercise their own care and diligence, and undertake such further research and obtain such professional advice as required.


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