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About Us

In response to recent events in Hong Kong and the city-wide demonstrations, a group of non-aligned lawyers have set up the Hong Kong Neutral Legal Observers Group (“HKNLOG”) to uphold and defend the city’s rule of law.

The demonstrations began as part of the public’s response to the Government’s introduction of Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019, and are still ongoing.

Recent incidents during the demonstrations and other related public gatherings have raised questions about the city’s rule of law, the enforcement of the law, and the administration of justice. HKNLOG has been set up as a non-political, impartial and independent group of local lawyers, who have gathered together to act in the public interest to promote, support and uphold the rule of law in Hong Kong.

The group’s mandate is:

  • assisting our colleagues in the legal profession in discharging their obligations to clients and in the administration of justice;
  • conducting research into the full extent and exercise of the rights and obligations of Hong Kong residents under the law, and disseminating that information quickly, efficiently, and widely;
  • educating and training Hong Kong residents as to their rights and obligations under the law and encouraging everyone to exercise those rights lawfully, without violence;
  • attending public gatherings as independent observers to provide information (where appropriate) and/or record and collect evidence of unlawful behaviour in aid of proceedings;
  • conducting ourselves, at all times, professionally and within the boundaries of our professional obligations and the principles stated herein.

The group includes lawyers of all levels from private practice, in house and barristers. All of them are registered to practice law and are resident in Hong Kong. The group and its members act in their personal capacities as neutral observers and will at all times be transparent about their activities.

How to recognize us

To ensure that our members will be highly and easily visible on the ground, and distinct from individuals participating in demonstrations or other members of the public, we wear high-visibility green vests and green hard hats with the words “律師中立監察組” and “Hong Kong Neutral Legal Observers Group” on them.

To find out more:

Contact us, anytime.